Cables & Adapters

USB 2.0 adapter, USB-A to USB-C female, black
Only  3.95 CHF  
Highspeed HDMI cable, Ethernet, max. 10.2 GBit/s, Type A, 8 PCM, L 1.0 m
Only  4.95 CHF  
HDMI cable highspeed, Ethernet, max. 10.2 GBit/s, type A, 8 PCM, Dolby Digital, L 10.0 m
Only  27.95 CHF  
Network cable CAT6e UTP, gold-plated contacts, 2x RJ45 plug, copper inner conductor, L 10.0 m
Only  8.95 CHF  
HDMI to Micro HDMI cable, multiple shielding, for 8 PCM, Dolby Digital, L 3.0 m
Only  9.95 CHF  
HDMI cable Highspeed, Ethernet, Full HD 4k, L 10 m
Only  14.95 CHF  
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