About us, Portrait & Philosophy

Philosophy: innovative ... affordable ... personable

PEARL aims to be different from the rest. Better, more creative, more personable. Not at any price, but a reasonable one. Goals have and always will be at the heart of PEARL's philosophy. We are all passionate about one thing: to provide the best possible selection of innovative products from all walks of life. At a price that everyone can afford.

History: from Napkin to Company

The idea for PEARL was hatched on a train journey in 1989 - on a napkin in the onboard restaurant. Within a short time, that napkin became a plan. And a small IT retailer grew into a fast and steadily expanding. Today, PEARL is an international technology company with a successful presence in many countries. PEARL has also existed in Switzerland since 1996.

The company today: Innovation and growth

PEARL is characterized by healthy and steady growth. Since it was founded, the Swiss division has increased turnover by double-digit figures yearly. With its approximately 16,000 products, PEARL is one of the leading technology retailers in Switzerland. PEARL follows innovative paths with products and sales, for instance, with unique services such as its low-price guarantee.