Various Plugs, Cables & Adapters

RST20i3 Connector, angled 90°, black
Only  14.95 CHF  
RST20i3 connector, turned contacts with screw connection, 90°
Only  15.95 CHF  
Wireland RST20i3 Connector, straight, black
Only  15.95 CHF  
Solar module connection cable Hollow plug 3.5 x 1.35 mm to luster terminal
RRP1  19.95 CHF
Only  8.95 CHF  
Telephone connection cable TAE-F plug to RJ11 plug, 10 m
Only  7.95 CHF  
Adapter hollow plug (5.5mm x 2.1mm) to 12 V cigarette lighter socket
Only  9.95 CHF  
Wieland female part RST20i3F, RSToi3 Device connection
Only  7.95 CHF  
Mounting frame for RST Classic socket
Only  38.95 CHF  
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